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The Spirit of Christmas

It's the feeling of home, even if it's only a memory that takes you there.
It's the quiet places of the heart you return to year after year.
It's the comfort of tradition in an ever-widening circle of friends and family.

Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season from SC Stables.


Ladies Night Horseback Riding

Sc Stables hosts a Monday night Ladies Group for their clients. Each week there is a different theme and horse activity. Each participant brings food to correspond with the theme and if appropriate dress accordingly. On "Olympics Night" we had riders dressed as gymnasts, etc. "Derby Day Night" brought out the big hats and lots of "Southern Comfort Food."

The horse activity varies from a pasture trail course to be ridden individually or in pairs, a mini-clinic presented by a guest clinician, introduction to varied disciplines, etc.

It is all about us enjoying our horses, fun, food, and friendship.


Yellowstone Downs - August 31, 2008

on Sunday, August 31, 2008 at the Yellowstone Downs horse racing in Billings at the Metra, the Montana Arabian Horse Association club will be again making a presentation to the horse racing crowd celebrating the Arabian Horse and the 60th anniversary Diamond Jubilee of our club. This year will be expanded with more horses and more information announced. Several riders from SC stables will be participating.

Mark it on your calendars now and, hope you can all attend.